Colosseum Lives VR

Take a tour of one of the most significant pieces of architecture of the ancient world! As you wander through the structure and into the bloody battles on the Colosseum floor, you will learn about the history of this iconic building. 

Edge of Space VR

Imagine stepping out into the darkness of space and seeing the Earth suspended below you. With the Mission Commander as your guide, explore the International Space Station and see what only a few humans have ever glimpsed - the view from 40 KM above our planet. 

ISS Explorer

International Space Station Explorer is a fun way for students or museum patrons of all ages to learn by having the station literally at their fingertips. Pan, zoom and view it from any angle! Multimedia windows provide a fun way to learn about each module.

“We have witnessed thousands of children and adults enjoy traveling back in time to walk through the Colosseum and watch the gladiators fight utilizing a new era of learning in higher education.”
    Jeff Poss
    Vice President of Exhibits
“I think my favorite was a senior, probably a woman in her 80s or so that said her grandkids got her to try it and she could not believe how fantastic the experience was! She said she had always wanted to travel back to ‘ancient times’ and now in a way she had!”
    Kim Gent
    Manager of Visitor Services

"It's a lot of fun! Its very educational. It aligns with what young people are used to - the gaming technology."

    LaNesha Gale DeBardelaben
    Museum of African American History

If you can dream it, we can build it

VR technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your museum virtual reality exhibit . In addition to our ready-made solutions, Radical VR can create custom experiences to thrill your visitors!

We can take them on a tour of the Titanic, sitting deep on the ocean’s bottom, or to the International Space Station floating high above the Earth. They can watch the rise of the Egyptian pyramids or explore the marvels of unbuilt cities of the future. Our company has a decade of experience producing detailed 3D animation and architectural visualizations. We know the importance of being historically accurate. Doing our research and getting the details right is crucial to keeping viewers engaged. When partnering with museums, we naturally strive to use their deep knowledge and historical research to educate as well as entrain audiences by staying true-to-life.