Our Story

Virtual reality companies can help museums excite, educate and entertain their visitors like never before. Millennials aren’t visiting museums as much as older generations. It’s difficult to attract and retain younger audience. The museums of the world have the challenge of keeping their exhibits current and appealing to a broader audience.

Radical VR is a small passionate team of designers and technicians. We had a pleasure of helping our clients in achieving their productions goals with great results. What started off an a one person studio 8 years ago has now evolved into a vibrant group of artists, who love what they do.

Radical VR can keep your museum at the forefront of technology. With the arrival of VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, VR technology is set to explode.  Radical VR uses the Rift as a portal into other worlds. Unlike traditional touch-screen exhibits, viewers feel as though they are actually in that world. It’s the kind of experience that stays with them and keeps them coming back time and again.

Our immersive virtual reality exhibits cater to the taste of today’s technophiles and millennials. These experiences will create buzz, drive traffic and increase visitors engagement. Thus driving ticket sales and revenue for the museum.

By offering exciting and educational exhibits, virtual reality companies can help increase museum attendance.  These exhibits encourage interactivity and by bringing ancient worlds and far-off places back to life.

Radical VR’s has a background in creating historical animation and visualization for documentary films. Historical accuracy is critical for these projects. We strive to bring that same level of attention to detail to educational VR experiences.


In April 2015, Radical VR unveiled its first title, Colosseum Lives. Debuting at the American Alliance of Museums Expo in Atlanta. This title takes museum goers to ancient Rome. Visitors can see the Colosseum in its former glory and even watch a gladiator match. The realistic graphics through the Oculus headset makes you feel as though you are actually there.  walking amongst the Romans. Museum professionals from across America had an opportunity to test Colosseum Lives out. The response and was extremely positive and the company was invited by attendees from the Canadian War Museum to bring it to Ottawa.

In June of 2015 Colosseum Lives was a special attraction at the Canadian War Museum. This was the first opportunity for the general public to try the experience.  Experience captivated visitors both young and old.

We are currently developing a groundbreaking interactive VR app called Edge of Space VR. This app targets  Science and Technology museums.  Edge of Space VR takes players to a Space Station where they can experience a mission as an astronaut. Following in the space theme, Radical VR Inc. released a companion touch screen application in early 2016. This interactive touch exhibit allows museum goers to explore the space station. Visitors interact through videos, photos and and detailed 3D model.

In July of 2016, THEMUSEUM in Kitchener, Ontario unveiled Colosseum Lives and the space station touch screen for a three month stay.  It was a great fit for THEMUSEUM which blends science and art in exhibits to captivate and educate young visitors, families and adults.