Colosseum Lives

What if you could visit ancient Rome?

Colosseum VR offers museum visitors a front-row seat to a gladiator match in the Roman Colosseum. Using the latest in Virtual Reality technology the Oculus Rift headset. We take you on a tour of one of the most significant pieces of architecture of the ancient world! 

A remarkable feat of architecture and engineering. The structure is so impressive that we almost forget that this arena was built for a gruesome purpose. Here men battled, sometimes to the death, for the amusement of the crowd

Wander through the structure and into the bloody battles on the Colosseum floor.  You will learn about the history of this iconic building.  Experience some of the incredible feats of Roman engineering that made the stadium of 50,000 possible. 

It’s an unforgettable experience which will enhance any exhibit focusing on ancient civilizations.  

Colosseum VR at various museums.

Colosseum VR has already appeared at THEMUSUEM in Kitchener, Ontario and The Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.  Long lines of spectators of all ages were eager to have a taste of this new experience.

“Modern visitors need to be entertained- they will drift away unless museums can connect with them…”
Fiammetta Rocco,  The Economist