ISS Explorer  -  An Interactive Touch screen Exhibit

Radical VR’s ISS touch screen learning centre. A fun way for students or museum patrons of all ages to learn about the International Space Station.

The station is recreated with stunning 3D graphics. Viewers have the station literally at their fingertips. They can explore its structure in 360 degrees. Panning, zooming and rotating is possible by swiping or pinching the touch screen’s surface.

Accessible Learning

Multimedia windows provide a fun way to learn about each module of the ISS station.

Visitors can activate the windows by pressing the plus signs displayed throughout the station. Get a glimpse of life in the station through videos shot by astronauts. Observe the challenges on living in space by browseing through their galleries of photos. A written explanation of each module’s function is also provided, for viewers interested in more in-depth learning.

Watch the Station Evolve

The time slider allows visitor to see the space station as it grows through time.

Visitors can see the ISS evolve by tapping through the years. See it grow from the first module delivered in 1998, to its present majestic configuration.

An International Focus

The ISS is called the International Space Station for a reason. Built by nations from around the world. The nation selector highlights the specific contributions of each country.