Services: Interactive exhibits for museums and science centres

Virtual Reality - A time machine for your visitors

VR technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your museum.

Take visitors on a tour of the Titanic, sitting deep on the ocean’s bottom. Rocket to the International Space Station floating high above the Earth. They can watch the rise of the Egyptians pyramids or explore the marvels of yet to be built cities of the future.

No matter what your exhibit, Radical VR can recreate any historical, present or future event. With a combination of 3D computer animation and interactive game design. We can populate this world with digital versions of existing artifacts from your museum. This helps to add value and bring life to your current collection as visitors can see these items in context. Embed more in depth learning material in the simulation through combination of text, and narration.

VR systems are time machines, allowing your visitors to learn by living through an experience.

Augmented Reality - Enhance your existing exhibits

Visitors walking through your exhibits, armed with Augmented reality devices can see your collections with a new pair of eyes. Transform and paint old exhibits with a layer of digital information.

Graphics, videos and animation, can not only provide supplemental learning material. They can also form a base of a fun interactive learning experience. Visitors can see historical figures and creatures from the past wandering through your museum's halls. Historical paintings can come to life with animation. See the damaged in their full glory, full restored. All it takes is a simple tablet and Radical VR's know-how.

We have the expertise in 3D graphics and programming, bringing augmented reality to your museum.

Interactive exhibits

Touch screen of all shapes and sizes have become ubiquitous at museums. These interactive exhibits provide in depth information about exhibits.

Screens with a dazzling multimedia array or by converting them into fun and educational games for kids and adults alike. It’s the way young people consume information as smart phones are a near permanent fixture in their hands. Whether you want to integrate an exhibit with touch screen stations. Or if you are considering creating an interactive app visitors can download onto their phones, Radival VR can get the job done.

We will work with you to design the flow and look of your next touch screen experience and provide the programming to bring it alive.

360 Stereoscopic video

Virtual Reality is a powerful tool for sharing live events at your museum with a world wide audience.

It gives prospective visitors a window into the stimulating activities that are a regular part of your calendar. Remote audiences can experience Concerts, live performance and installation art pieces. The experience is much more visceral through a live VR stream or VR clips than with traditional video.

Radical VR can help you record your special event in stunning 360 video. We will also provide the expertise to integrate these clips into your existing website. Using a regular smart phone and an inexpensive accessory like Google cardboard, people around the world will feel as if they have had a front row seat at your live event.