Meet Our Team

Umer Farooq


Umer has a decade of experience in overseeing complex animation projects & team management. Having stayed abreast of technological development in the field of animation, visualization and gaming.  His latest venture in Virtual Reality aims to deliver a combo of education and entertainment. Umer, graduated with Honors from Sheridan College 3D animation program.

Brian Griffiths

Lead Programmer

Bryan has over fourteen years of experience in the gaming industry and a wide range of experience working under different production models. Specializing in artificial intelligence and computer networking with a strong background in software engineering, he has shipped over 10 titles on various platforms. Bryan loves a challenge that requires strong creative problem solving skills

Steve Gruber

Sales Director

Steve has over 18 years of sales leadership, business development, direct sales and marketing experience. He has dramatically increased sales at growing companies in a range of industries from business software, IT, cleantech to industrial. Steve also worked in the transportation and telecom sectors, with 6 of those years spent in Boston. Steve has an MBA from the University of Toronto.

Mazher Hussain

3D Artist & Level Designer

Mazher is a skilled 3D modeler and level designer and has been with Radical Impact and Radical VR since the very beginning. His ability to create high quality accurate models and textures has been a major contribution to our productions. Mazher is currently working as a 3D modeler and texture artist for game assets, as well as being the main level designer.

Victor Vukosavljevic

Interactive Producer

Victor is a co-founder of Radical VR Inc.. He brings a multitude of talents and his diverse artistic background to Radical’s roster of projects. He is a creative interactive producer with excellent problem solving skills and a knack for storytelling. Victor’s background is as a filmmaker and he has worked as a documentary producer, editor and visual effects artist. He received comprehensive training in Visual Effects and Computer Animation at Sheridan College, and Filmmaking at Ryerson.  

Dan Lebl

Visual Designer

Dan is a graphic designer by trade and a gamer by choice. Dan has been playing and thinking about video games for nearly a quarter of a century. He is convinced that VR (virtual reality) is the future - of education, art, gaming and even tourism, though not necessarily in that order.He firmly believes that not only is interactivity a legitimate medium for both artistic expression and education, but is often the best medium. The most dynamic, innovative medium, with room to grow and expand over the coming decades.